Order template

Order online sometimes can be hard so if you want to order over the phone or email please use below template it will guide you through.

Call our number: (02) 9552 1258 Or Email: sales@darlingbuds.com.au

1. Delivery date.

2. Recipient's name.

3. Company name.

4. Address.

5. Recipient's mobile phone number or home phone.

(We won't call the recipient unless there's a problem with the delivery)

6. Message on the card.

7. Your order:

A. Are you sending a bouquet or arrangement?

What occasion are they for?

Bright and Happy colour or Pastel?

Is there any flowers you would like to include? 

B. Or a product from our website?

(Please quote product name)

8. Your name:

9. Your mobile phone number:

10. Your credit card details.