Plants quick care

Contrary to popular belief, it doesnt take a lot of tender loving care to keep plants vibrant and beautiful. Generally, they need good lighting, moderate temperature, reasonable humidity, a uniform level of moisture in the soil, and once in a great while, a little bit of fertilizer.

Most plants come with care instructions specifically for the type of plant you have purchased or were given. However, here are some general tips to help keep almost any houseplant a beautiful enhancement to your home or office.

  • Keep plant soil moderately moist at all times. Dont allow plants to dry out or wilt. But avoid over-watering your plants, and do not allow your plants to stand in water. Drain excess water in saucer at base of pot to prevent root rot and protect furniture. It is also a good idea not to wet plant leaves.
  • Seek out warm places for tropical green plants. Ideal conditions would be 26.5oC to 27.5oC in the daytime, 24.5oC to 26.5oC at night.
  • Keep from excessive heat or cold. Avoid putting plants in direct sunlight, near heating or cooling vents, under ceiling fans, or on top of TVs and other heat-generating appliances or electric equipment and radiators. Such locations could cause plants to dehydrate.