Preserved Roses

Preserved Roses

Single Preserved Rose in Glass Dome

An enchanted preserved rose in a glass dome makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those who love a timeless and magical fairy tale. They also double as a stunning piece of décor, suitable for any room and will remind your loved one of how much they truly mean to you every time they see it.

What is a preserved rose exactly?

A preserved rose is one that has been preserved and designed to last much longer than the average flower. They can last up to a year without water or direct sunlight; making it the perfect alternative to a regular rose. These preserved roses are encased in glass domes to not only protect them, but to also add to their charming aesthetic.

Preserved Roses and Their Meaning

As well as being visually striking, preserved roses also carry meaning.

1. A red preserved rose can mean love and passion, but more so that your love for him or her is eternal. It signifies that you want to preserve your love forever. 

2. A pink preserved rose can mean happiness and appreciation that will not waiver, no matter what. It shows that you appreciate your partner and that nothing will change that.

3. A white preserved rose signifies innocence and purity, which you cherish and hold dear to you.

Make your Valentine feel special this Valentine’s Day with a romantic everlasting rose in a glass dome, fit for any beautiful love story.