Diffuser Care Instructions

🏡 Reed Diffuser Care Instructions 🏡

With the correct diffuser maintenance, you can enjoy the comforting ambiance created by your chosen fragrance for up to 6 months. Follow these instructions to maximize the life and effectiveness of your reed diffuser.

📏 Adjusting Fragrance Strength 📏

We recommend using 3 reeds at a time. To adjust the strength of your fragrance, simply add or remove reed sticks as desired. The more reed sticks you use, the stronger the fragrance will be.

🔄 Rotating Your Reeds 🔄

To maximize the use of the diffuser and maintain the scent in the room, it’s essential to rotate your reeds regularly. To rotate your reeds, turn them upside down. We recommend rotating your reeds once a week for optimal performance.

🌞 Proper Placement 🌞

Ensure your diffuser is placed out of direct sunlight and away from strong drafts. This helps to maintain the longevity and consistency of the fragrance.

♻️ Reusing Your Jar ♻️

Keep your jar to refill. This not only helps the environment but also allows you to continue enjoying your favorite scents without needing a new diffuser set.

📋 Specifications 📋

- 250ml Glass Jar:

Stylish and durable, our jars are designed to complement any decor.

- Reeds:

 High-quality reeds ensure a consistent and even fragrance distribution.

- Lasts Up to 6 Months:

Enjoy a long-lasting fragrance experience with proper care.

- Australian Made:

Proudly crafted in Australia with the highest standards of quality.

By following these care instructions, you can ensure your reed diffuser continues to provide a delightful and consistent fragrance, enhancing the ambiance of your home for months. Thank you for choosing our Australian-made reed diffusers!