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7 non-occasion specific reasons to gift someone flowers!

That’s right, giving flowers is not just an action or a transaction, it’s an art.

Anyone can impress with a gift on a special occasion, and most people know what occasions to buy flowers for, but very few people understand when to gift flowers for no obvious reason or occasion at all.

Fresh flowers have a unique way of brightening someone’s day, lifting someone’s spirits, and most importantly, making them feel loved. We don’t need to wait for a special occasion to do that, do we?

The art of giving flowers isn’t about special occasions, milestones, achievements or making up for a mistake. The art of giving flowers is about love, empathy, appreciation and positivity. It is about recognising when someone close to you may feel down and need a boost, or realising that they don’t even need to feel down for you to want to give them a boost. When you love someone, you want to see them shine, all the time. Once you get the hang of this art, you can instantly bring joy to a friend or loved one, at any moment, for any reason.

Here are 7 reasons, other than special occasions and milestones, to gift someone a bunch of flowers:

1. To Show Your Love

One of the best reasons to gift someone a bouquet of flowers for no apparent reason at all is because you love them. You want them to know you have been thinking of them and you want them to feel loved at all times. Seasonal flowers symbolise that feeling of love with their vibrancy, fragrance and aesthetic.

2. To Show Appreciation

A flower bouquet is a great way to show someone you appreciate them and all of their efforts. Whether it be their efforts around the house, at their job or with your relationship; show them that their work and support hasn’t gone unnoticed. It can be easy for someone to feel unappreciated when we get caught up in weekly routines and the strive for work/life balance, a simple gesture like gifting stunning flowers can really boost someone’s joy during these times.

3. To Reciprocate Effort

Do you love coming home to a warm house and a hearty home cooked meal? It may be your partner’s or family’s way of bringing you love. Well bringing flowers home with you is a beautiful reciprocation of that warmth and love that you are entering into. Does your friend, partner, or loved one go above and beyond for you? Perhaps they cook your favourite meal each week, buy your favourite snack while they are at the supermarket, pick you up from somewhere when you need a lift, help you fix a problem, or care for you when you are unwell; you can return that thoughtfulness and effort by bringing them a gift such as a flower box, sunflowers, daisies or any other colourful flower that will bring them joy.

4. To Lift Their Spirits

Pamper your friend or loved one when you can see they have been feeling down. With a pleasant surprise such as vibrant flowers, their entire mood and day can be turned around. Most of all, it will lift their spirits and hopefully help them feel better. Perhaps they have a favourite flower or favourite colour you can consider when selecting flowers. If not, any type of yellow, orange, red, pink or purple flower will surely boost their happiness.

5. To Give Them a Positivity Boost

Perhaps you have a co-worker or spouse who is doing an amazing job, day in, day out, and is always giving their best effort to do a great job. Let them know you see them and want to encourage them for their drive and determination. Flower arrangements can brighten up their busy week like a trophy representing their continued success and great work with everything they take on.

6. To Brighten Up the House

Who doesn’t love a colourful and fragrant floral vibe around the house? Afresh touch of nature indoors can make the place look good, feel great and bring much joy to its occupants. This makes decorating the home the perfect excuse to buy floral arrangements, any day, any time.

7. To Mend an Emotional Distance

This is for those times when you have both been caught up in a daily routine and forgotten to be affectionate with one another. When you feel like you and your loved one have been a bit distant from each other, some flowers and a smile can put an instant end to that emotional distance and help draw you both closer together. A native flower arrangement, for example, can be the perfect solution for this situation.

There you have it, 7 non-occasion specific reasons to buy a friend or loved one some flowers; so, show your loved one some love today!


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